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Elder Legal Services

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Attorney Christopher Young (left) of the Alvarez Firm, who volunteers at Elder Legal, and Mary Pipes.

Have you heard about an Advance Directive and Power of Attorney, but weren’t quite sure how they worked or whether you needed one?

Have you ever wondered whether the living trust you made a decade or more ago, or in another state, still works?

Have you been told to consider a conservatorship for your disabled family member?

Have you wondered what “probate” is and how to avoid its costs and delays?

If so, you might just benefit from an appointment with one of the elder law and trust attorneys who volunteer their time every Monday afternoon for the Camarillo Health Care District’s senior law clinic.

Seniors and their family members are eligible for two one-hour consultations each fiscal year with a local, volunteer attorney experienced in these and related legal matters. Meetings are held weekly and can be in-person, by Zoom, or over the telephone, and there is no charge for the attorney’s time.

  • Estate planning
  • Conservatorship
  • Probate
  • Medi-Cal planning
  • Special needs
  • Family law and estate cross-over issues
  • Automobile law

If more needs to be done, such as a trust amendment or court petition, the attorney and client can discuss the costs of those steps and separate arrangements can be made. But for the vast majority of those who book appointments, the consultation is all that is needed to provide needed peace of mind.

Call 800-900-8582 to set up your free, one-hour appointment. Must be 60+.

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