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POWERfit helps improve balance, strength by incorporating resistance bands

POWERfit is part of our fall prevention programming. It is available to those who have completed at least one BALANCEfit series.  POWERfit combines additional rounds of BALANCEfit games with the use of resistance bands to help strengthen the upper body, and build on the success of the previous BALANCEfit work.

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POWERfit combines resistance bands with balance training.

 This program focuses on reducing fall risks and improving cognition while progressing participants through a series of games that get more complex and challenging as you move through the levels.

 A wide variety of games focus on cognitive and physical skills, some of which may be second nature, and some of which might be more challenging, especially for those with a cognitive impairment. Games are easy to learn and follow, while enhancing motor-skill learning and having fun!

The device tracks your performance and makes the games more challenging as you get better at them. An assessment evaluates physical and cognitive function, including reaction time, ability to take in information (brain), ability to process, and ability to then do the requested activity.

POWERfit is designed as a more independent workout, which is why it requires a previously completed BALANCEfit series. 

POWERfit is recommended twice a week for at least four weeks, and can be ongoing.  Donations are greatly appreciated to support the free programs. To be added to our interest list, call 805-388-1952. A fall prevention specialist will call you back to schedule your one-on-one appointment.


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