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Our Adult Day Program offers clients a person-centered focus

For families contemplating using our Adult Day Center, we encourage you to call for an initial conversation, or arrange for an in-person visit. Call Mary Ann Ratto, director, at 805-388-1952, ext 111. If you prefer email, please email Mary Ann to make an appointment. 

Spend the Day Your Way in our Adult Day Center

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Clients enjoy pet therapy as part of their activities at our Adult Day Center.

Clients look forward to spending time in a warm, inviting and home-like setting at Camarillo Health Care District's Adult Day Center, where activities are designed for socialization, mental and physical enrichment, recreation for all abilities, and most of all fun! The Center is intentionally designed to provide a safe, respectful, and compassionate option for adults who benefit from additional care during the day due to health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, brain injury, decreasing mobility, isolation or loneliness. Additionally, the Center offers important respite time off for family caregivers and other family members. 

Nutritious and well-balanced meals, snacks and beverages are provided in a home-like setting throughout the day, while also accommodating special dietary needs.

Trained and caring staff provides a wide range of planned activities and socialization for many interests and ability levels. Please call Mary Ann Ratto, CSA, Adult Day Center director, at 805-388-1952, ext. 111, or email Mary Ann.

Services & Hours

  • Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3. pm. 
  • Half-days are available, either in the morning or afternoon.
  • Customized care plans can be developed to fit schedules and needs (full day or half day, morning or afternoon, single or multiple days per week). A complimentary half-day visit is available upon completion of assessment.


Please call for multiple pricing options. Many variables are considered when developing a plan for you and your family, and it is very helpful to speak with you regarding your individual needs. You are encouraged to speak with Director Mary Ann Ratto at 805-388-1952, ext. 111, or schedule a visit at no charge. 


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Clients enjoy a variety of activities.

The Adult Day Center enjoys a person-centered focus with regard to individual preferences and abilities. Activities are designed to engage and support each client and to encourage socialization and participation. Activities can include:

  • Music, singing and reminiscing;
  • Pet Therapy with regular dog visits;
  • Exercise, arts and crafts, and games;
  • Nutritious meals and snacks (special diet accommodated);
  • Socialization and peer support;
  • Stimulation to improve mental and physical health;
  • Important respite "time off" for family caregivers;
  • Maintain the client's maximum level of independence and dignity;
  • Prevent social isolation;
  • Help cognitively and physically-impaired adults maintain or improve their level of functioning
  • And the intangible value of sharing time and life together in a caring environment!
@stories.from.the.heart The Razzmatappers dance troupe performed for residents of our Adult Day Center. The troupe is made up of dancers in their 60s through 80s who have performed shows for clubs, private parties, weddings and assisted care facilities, mostly in Ventura County. #adultdaycare #tapdancers #tapdancersoftiktok #dancing #entertainment #entertainer #flappers #foryou #foryoupage #camarillo #venturacounty #grandfluencer #aginggracefully #agingwell #tap #tapdancingqueen ♬ Flapper Rag - The Sid Phillips Band


On-site visit and tours, telephone conversations or private appointments are available to discuss enrollment options, whichever works for your preference or schedule. Dropping in if you're already "out and about" is very welcome and we understand how that works better sometimes, but at every opportunity, we'd like to block out time, especially for you, through an appointment. To make an appointment, please call Mary Ann Ratto, Adult Day Center director, at 805-388-1952, ext. 111. We look forward to meeting you!

Transportation Services

Transportation services through the Care-A-Van program are available for District residents. Please call Adult Day Center Director Mary Ann Ratto for further information at 805-388-1952 ,ext. 111. 

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Transportation can be arranged to bring clients to the Adult Day Center.

Help for Caregivers

Adult day services provide options, resources, support and important "time off" (respite) for family members and caregivers, and are an essential service for families who work, have school-age children, or other obligations during the day. The ADS Plus program for family caregivers is also available for families of enrolled clients. Please glance at the right side of your screen for links to the Caregiver Center and other resources. 

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