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Chronic Disease Management & Health Promotion Classes

If you are living with an ongoing (chronic) health condition, please know that we understand how difficult it can be. Camarillo Health Care District offers a wide range of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention classes, lectures and series that can help you manage your health status, and that can make a difference in your life.

District staff are certified and skilled in a variety of evidence-based programs that can motivate and inspire you,  Evidence-Based Interventions  (EBI) are defined as "treatments, plans, a set of precise activities, or courses of actions, that have been proven effective through rigorous review and outcome evaluation".  EBI have "peer-reviewed, documented empirical evidence of effectiveness through a broad scope of integrated policies, strategies, activities and services that have been proven or informed through research and evaluation". 

Your success and sense of well-being is our goal!  Camarillo Health Care District is certified at the Master Trainer level in presenting and facilitating a number of EBI classes, series and programs, and works closely with hospitals, physicians and other medical provider groups to provide this proven style of patient education and care management.  Take a look at the following options to help you manage chronic illnesses and maximize your health status.  You do not need a medical referral.  Welcome to success!

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