Fall Prevention

Did you know that the top three causes of unintentional fatal injury among all age groups is poisoning, motor vehicle trauma, and FALLS? There are even more startling facts about falls, and we encourage you to continue reading.

takeyourtimeFalls are the leading cause of injury death among older adults. Every hour, 183 people are treated in the emergency department for fall-related injuries, and every day in California two seniors die from a fall.

The first two weeks after discharge from the hospital are a high-risk time for fall victims as falls occur four times more frequently during the first three months after discharge.

More sobering statistics indicate that over 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls, and more than 40% of seniors recovering from fractured hips, will never return home.

Even more startling is that 25% of older adults that sustain a hip fracture from a fall will die.

The Camarillo Health Care District offers a variety of educational and instructional opportunities surrounding falls, fall prevention, mobility, and balance.

Please check class and seminar listings for Fall Prevention activities, or call anytime at (805) 388-1952, extension 100.