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SHARE program

The Camarillo Health Care District recently began offering SHARE, a program for people experiencing early- to mid-stage dementia, and their caregivers. The acronym stands for support, health, activities, resources and education.

A trained health coach engages in discussions about symptoms, communication and healthy activities, while helping clients plan for the future, keeping the client’s own values and preferences in mind for their life as the disease progresses.

The program, based on research by the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and funded through a grant from the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, consists of five sessions with a trained health coach, with an optional sixth session for family to be included.

“They work on specific goals, topics and exercises that help build a shared plan that they can walk away with at the end,” says Lynette Harvey, Clinical Services Director for the Camarillo Health Care District.

A care plan will be developed that reflects the person's personal preferences.

To participate in the program, please call 388-1952, ext. 107, to schedule your individual sessions.


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