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REACH Program for Caregivers (temporarily unavailable)

REACH is an evidence‐based caregiver intervention program developed by the Rosalynn Carter Institute (RCI) to focus on the emotional, health, financial and other burdens and challenges faced by family caregivers.  REACH stands for Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Health.

Services are tailored to individual caregiver needs and are available at your home, and over the telephone. Understanding that every situation is unique, in-person visits at the office can also be arranged. 

The REACH program works with a caregiver over a six-month period, and includes nine home visits and three telephone sessions. Each session is tailored to address the areas that the caregiver feels are their most challenging.

The REACH program is proven to improve the caregiver’s experience by:

·      Reducing caregiver burden scores by 15%

·      Improving caregiver self-reported health by 10%

·      Reducing depression scores by 16%

Camarillo Health Care District is proud to work with the US Administration for Community Living, the Rosalynn Carter Institute, and the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation.  We are grateful for their support and funding. 

Please call at 1-800-900-8582 to begin your program.

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