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June 2021: Rotary Club of Camarillo Supports Bingocize!

The Camarillo Health Care District is honored to receive a $300 donation from the Rotary Club of Camarillo in support of prizes for the Bingocize®classes.  During COVID-19, many new ideas came together in uncommon ways to meet a variety of needs, on a virtual platform, and Bingocize® is one of those ideas!  Bingocize® is “an evidence-based, 10-week program that combines a bingo-like game with exercise and health education”, and is targeted to serve sedentary older adults of all ability levels, in a variety of settings, over a virtual (computer) platform.  Participants, known as Bingocizers©, complete a series of exercises and health education questions, which are strategically inserted into the game. Participants rest from the physical exercises while numbers are called for the bingo game, complete more exercises or health education questions, rest during number calling, and so on. This pattern continues until a game is won, and then additional games are played until all planned exercises are completed. Before you know it, you have exercised, learned something, and had fun doing it!  Thank you, Rotary Club of Camarillo for recognizing such a need!

New class is Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning August 31 through November 4, from 3:00pm-4:00pm.  There is no charge; registration is required

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