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Health Management

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“Healthier Living” Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (805) 388-1952, ext 100
Do you have a chronic health condition or care for someone who does? The awardwinning Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is based on research
conducted at Stanford University. Take the first step to manage ongoing health conditions
with easy methods to reduce fatigue, anxiety, and sleep loss.
VIRTUAL ONLY: Session Zero scheduled for: Aug 11(W) 11am-12pm
                             Aug 18-Sept 22 (W) 11am-12pm; 6-wk series; registration required; no charge                  

Self-registration available through BookingBug at bottom of page.



Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP) (805) 388-1952, ext 100
This six-week series is designed to teach practical skills for managing chronic pain,
moderating symptoms, and staying motivated to overcome the challenges of living with
ongoing health conditions. This program is for adults living with chronic pain due to
illness or accident.
VIRTUAL ONLY: Session Zero scheduled for: Jul 29 (Th) 10-11am
                             Aug 5-Sept 9 (Th) 10-11am; 6-wk series; call to register; no charge


Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) (805) 388-1952, ext 100
An award-winning series based on research conducted at Stanford University is designed
for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes. Learn methods to reduce fatigue, pain, stress, and fear
through exercise and healthy eating, and to effectively manage the disease in order to
improve quality and outlook on life. Extended one week due to holiday.
VIRTUAL ONLY: Session Zero scheduled for: Aug 16 (M) 2-3pm
                             Aug 23-Oct 4 (M) 2-3pm I 6 week series; registration required; no charge

Self-registration available through BookingBug at bottom of page.



Dealing With Dementia (805) 388-1952, ext 100
The Dealing with Dementia Program was developed by the Rosalynn Carter Institute as
an evidence informed educational support program for caregivers of people living with
dementia. This 4-hour workshop highlights topics such as: the caregiving experience
with an easily understandable explanation of dementia, best practices in caregiving,
and problem solving with dementia behaviors. Learn tips for caregivers to find time
for self-care and stress management. Completed workshop participants will receive a
comprehensive manual for dementia caregivers. Spanish and English available. In person
and virtual dates are offered.

VIRTUAL: Session Zero is Aug 5 (Th) 2-3pm; call to register
                  Aug 12 (Th) 12:30-4:30pm; $25 (cost of materials)
IN-PERSON: Oct 6 (W) 12:30-4:30pm; call to register; $25 (cost of materials)

Dementia Live (805) 388-1952, ext 100
Dementia Live is a high impact, dementia simulation experience that immerses
participants into life with dementia, resulting in a deeper understanding of what it’s like to
live with cognitive impairment and sensory change. Participants are outfitted in specialized
gear and given a series of tasks to perform, the challenges and struggles one face
become very real to the participant, triggering heightened empathy and understanding,
creating a catalyst for meaningful communication and improving quality of care.
VIRTUAL ONLY: Session Zero Sept 13 (M) 2:30-3:30pm
                             Sept 17 (F) 9:30am-12pm; call to register; no charge

Depression and Caregiver Burden Screening (805) 388-1952, ext 100

It is well-documented that long-term, unrelieved caregiving duties, especially when caring for loved ones with dementia, can have negative impacts on the health, personal, social and/or financial well-being of the caregiver.  Depression and a sense a well-being become significant factors to evaluate. 

The Caregiver Center utilizes the Zarit Burden Interview to assess a caregiver's perception of "burden" to see if those areas are being affected, with a focus on depression, mental health, negative affect, social support, stress and coping (American Psychological Association), as well as the PHQ-9 Depression Screening tool.

The PHq-9 is a "multipurpose instrument for screening, diagnosing, monitoring and measuring the severity of depression" (National Institute of Health), and utilizes a brief self-report tool.  The tool rates the frequency of symptoms which factors in the scoring severity index.

Camarillo Health Care District's use and/or results of the PHQ-9 is not a diagnosis.  It is outside of the District's scope to diagnose.  Self-reported answers indicate scores that can be measured against the categories listed on the tool, with further desription. It is imperative that you consult your physician for symptoms of depression.
VIRTUAL OR IN-PERSON: Aug 26 (Th) 2-4pm; call to register; no charge


UCLA Memory Training (805) 388-1952, ext 100
Techniques taught in this course are based on research at UCLA and focus on organization,
association, and imagery to make information easier to recall.
IN-PERSON: Aug 10-Aug 31 (T) 10:30am-12:30pm; 4-wk series; $40/$44 material cost; call to register


NEW Dental Screenings Dr. Eric Tamsut, DMD (805) 388-1952, ext 168
Good oral health is related to good overall health. Regular dental screenings can help
recognize issues and provide opportunity for proactive and preventive care. During your
15-minute screening, Dr. Eric will visually examine your teeth, mouth and gums, and
answer your dental questions.
IN-PERSON: Fourth Tuesday of each month; 12-2pm; call to register; no charge


NEW Nutrition Counseling One-on-One Appointments (805) 388-1952, ext 100
Meet with Patti Jaeger, Registered Dietitian from Area Agency on Aging, to discuss your
specific health topic. Topics include controlling blood pressure, lowering cholesterol,
enhancing bone health and eating healthy on a budget. Participants must be 60 or older.
IN-PERSON: Second Tuesday of each month 1-4pm; call to register


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