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Digital Scrapbooking

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Do you have hundreds of photos on your smartphone?  Thousands in a shoebox? Creating scrapbooks is a fun pastime that no longer needs to include multiple tools and glue guns. The Camarillo Health Care District will offer Digital Scrapbooking, a class that can help you turn your beloved photos into an actual book for your coffee table. This four-week series will discuss the different online companies (platforms) that make digital scrapbooking, how to upload your photos (easier than you think!), crop, arrange and create your pages (more fun thank you might imagine!), add creative layers and decoration to your pages, and order your book for yourself or for wonderful gifts! Make something that will become a part of your legacy handed down for generations. Bring your laptop computer or smartphone to follow along or watch and take notes to create a book at home on your own.

Aug. 9 and 16 (W) 10:30 a.m.-noon. l 2-part class l R l $10

Call 805-388-1952 to register. 

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