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December 2020: Digital Bridge & Zoom Room Programs

The new Digitial Bridge and Zoom Room Programs, were designed to assist families and households in utilizing telehealth, zoom, facetime and other virtual platforms to enhance safety and welllness, and to combat social isolation and depression.  The commuity response has been very generous, and we’re pleased to share that $8,500 in community donations continues to help support these COVID-driven programs.  As we know, not every household has all the wi-fi service/connectivity, computer equipment, cameras or smart phones, required to conduct virtual services, and we also understand that some households may have lack confidence in navigating online services, may not be able to purchase equipment, may not know how to use a variety of computer devices, and may not be familiar with terminology used in virtual settings. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from no charge, step-by-step, friendly instruction, please contact the Digital Bridge Program by calling 805-388-1952, ext. 100, or by emailing Health Promotion Coach Luis Morales at, or visit our website at

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