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NEW Am I a Caregiver? (805) 388-1952x100
Are you caring for a loved one, friend or neighbor? Do you find yourself thinking that
you’re “not” a caregiver? Does this changing role bring up new questions and/or concerns?
Do you need some guidance on steps to care for your loved one in a new way? Do you
find you’re experiencing some stress with this changing role? This lecturette will discuss
ways to help identify what this new role means to you, while managing these changes and
exploring ways to care for yourself while caring for your loved one.
Aug 19 (Th) 2:30-3:30pm I R I $12

Care Consultations (800) 900-8582
Care Consultations are confidential, personalized discussions that can help sort out and
address issues important to you. A professional social worker can help you prioritize needs,
address concerns, and make recommended plans for living independently at home. Plans
also include direct assistance in accessing a broad variety of community resources such
as nutrition services, transportation issues, caregiver burden, home modifications and
assistive devices, relaxation and educational opportunities, legal and insurance services,
and more. We appreciate the strength and courage it takes to approach these issues, and
we’re here to support you. Appointments available in-person, virtually or telephonically.

NEW Caring for the Caregiver (805) 388-1952x100
Are you finding that you're putting yourself on the back burner? Does it feel like the care
you provide for a loved one, friend, or family member leaves with little to no time for
yourself? Are you feeling frustrated, anxious, or irritable? Join this lecturette to learn ways
to care for yourself while caring for another...caring for yourself is no longer an option!
Sept 14 (T) 11am-12pm I R I $12

Powerful Tools for Caregivers (805) 388-1952x100
Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. This educational program is designed to help
caregivers maintain their personal well-being in order to better care for their loved one or
friend. (Six-week series) Extended one week due to holiday.
Aug 30-Oct 11 (M) 11am-12:30pm I R I NC