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Dealing with Dementia

“Dealing with Dementia” is a four-hour workshop developed by the Rosalyn Carter Institute on Caregiving. It is paired with the comprehensive Dealing with Dementia Guide, a detailed workbook designed to help caregivers. Participation in the Dealing with Dementia workshop is proven to increase knowledge of dementia and confidence in the caregivers' ability to provide care.

In this course you will learn tips and strategies for caregivers including best practices for caring for those with dementia. You will also gain a better understanding of dementia and staging, utilizing strategies to effectively manage challenging dementia behaviors, improved communication skills, problem-solving strategies, and develop habits for stress management and their own self-care.

Topics include:

·        Emergency response (falls, incidents, fires)

·        Food, nutrition, and meal preparation

·        Physical safety and accident/injury prevention

·        Understanding cultural aspects of care

·        End-of-life care, grief

·        Managing stress

·        Respecting differences

·        Self-care

·        Strengths- and solutions-focused practices

·        Team building

·        Person-centered practices

·        Crisis prevention and intervention

·        Understanding aging

·        Understanding developmental disabilities

·        Understanding physical disabilities

·        Understanding dementia and Alzheimer’s

·        Behaving professionally and ethically

·        Communication skills

·        Legal and ethical issues

·        Principles of teaching and learning

·        Problem-solving

Please register by calling 805-388-1952.

10 a.m.-12 p.m. on Dec. 4 and 11 (two parts)

Cost: $30 (cost of materials)


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