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Social Media Basics

Do you feel lost when it comes to social media? Or do you primarily use one platform, but want to understand others so you can connect with more family, friends or colleagues, or understand pop culture better? If the answer is yes, then our Social Media Basics class is for you.

We'll share an overview of the main platforms: Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat and TikTok during the first week. The following week, you'll learn more specifically what each platform is used for and the mechanics of using each. We'll also discuss why hashtags are important on some social networking sites, how to search for specific content and connect with people, businesses and organizations. Bring your smartphone or laptop for hands-on learning.

Tuesday, Aug. 13, and Wednesday, Aug. 14, 10-11 a.m. l 2-part class l R l $10 (non-District residents add $4)

Register: 805-388-1952.

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