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Intro to Adventures in VR

Nature Treks: Explore the natural world, choosing different settings in nature at night or during the day, with music or soothing sounds of nature, and encountering 20 different animals, including dinosaurs, tigers, elephants and bears, or spend your time meditating in nature. If this is your first time to using Oculus/Meta 2 virtual reality headsets and controllers, no worries. We’ll spend 20 minutes showing you how to use them, plus discussing the benefits of VR. The next 40 minutes will be spent enjoying our adventures before we all chat about our experiences and document our travel adventures in our Adventures in VR passport.

Mon 7/8/2024 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Cost $5 in district | $9 out of district | Must be paid in advance to reserve spot

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