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Independent Adventures in VR

So you’ve completed one of our Intro VR classes or you already have experience in VR, then you’re invited to join our intermediate class Independent Adventures, where the world is your oyster. In Independent Adventures, you’ll be assigned a VR headset with pre-loaded apps. You can choose virtual travel, guided Tai Chi or meditation, cook in a virtual kitchen, go on "photo assignment" in Antarctica or Machu Picchu, Peru, experience heightened senses with Notes on Blindness, or snorkel or hangout in nature with animals. There are also musical concerts, brain training exercises and more! A staff member will be available to help troubleshoot any issues with the equipment or apps, or give you tips and tricks on navigating to the place you want to go. Class will be held 10-11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 25. Call 805-388-1952 to register.

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