Chronic Disease Management

Are you are living with ongoing health conditions?  Is it wearing you out emotionally and physically?  Are your friends and family exhausted from the effects of being caregivers?  Then the Wellness & Caregiver Center of Ventura County (Center) is the place for you.  FREE resources including legal services and other chronic disease-related partner are located in a single building which has been intentionally designed with you, and your caregiver, in mind.  The calm, sophisticated interior offers a break from institutional, clinical settings and promotes an ideal setting for learning, knowledge comprehension, retention, hope and renewal.

Interior, Wellness & Caregiver Center of Ventura CountyAll services offered at the Center are FREE, and are provided through funding partnerships with Ventura County Area Agency on Aging.  The Center is the only one of its kind in Ventura County and is certified by Stanford University to provide its award-winning evidence-based programs on chronic disease self management.  The “Health Club” Classes, listed in the Healthy Attitudes magazine describe this series of FREE evidence-based educational and supportive opportunities to make lasting changes in your quality of life.

Through person-centered and family-centered services that acknowledge, honor and support individual preferences and ways of learning, lives are being changed.  In the first 10 months of service, the Center provided more than 500 residents with more than 3,000 hours of respite, more than 100 home adaptation devices and nearly 1,400 hours of support services.

There is hope here, and we encourage you to call 1-800-900-8582 to speak with our Care Coordinator who is available to chat over the phone, via email, or in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Or stop by the Center anytime, Monday through Friday, for a private tour.  There is no need to wait another day, and we look forward to meeting you!

Chronic Disease Data

Caregiver 345% of the American population is dying of at least one chronic disease.  At the Wellness & Caregiver Center of Ventura County, we prefer to say that differently.  We say that 45% of the entire American population is living with at least one chronic disease.

  • Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death & disability in the United States
  • 45% of the American population has at least one chronic disease
  • Chronic diseases are responsible for seven out of every 10 deaths

In Camarillo, whose population is nearly 22% of people age 60+ (almost twice the national average), death rates from a variety of conditions, including chronic diseases, exceed death rates from the same diseases for the entire County of Ventura, exceed death rates for the State of California, and exceed death rates of the Healthy People 2010 benchmark.

Camarillo has:

  • Higher death rate from heart disease
  • Higher death rate from diabetes
  • Higher death rate from cancer
  • Higher death rate from stroke
  • Higher death rate from flu/pneumonia
  • Higher death rate from accidental injury

There is good news!  The CDC estimates that eliminating just three risk factors…a poor diet, inactivity, and smoking, could prevent 80% of heart disease and stroke; 80% of type 2 diabetes; and 40% of cancer.

The Center is ready to help you make those kinds of lasting, lifestyle changes !  Call us at 1-800-900-8582.