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Serving You During COVID-19

Classes, sessions and support groups that can be effectively transitioned to a virtual platform continue to be worked on.  Your health remains our top priority. 

We're pleased to begin transitioning services into virtual service opportunities for you.  Please know that not every class or group can reasonable make that transition while continuing to serve the purpose of the class.  We continue to work diligently toward making as many services available during COVID-19 as we possible can. 

Latest Virtual Programs!

Please click here to read about the Digital Bridge Program, and here to read about the Zoom Room Program.  The Digital Bridge Program offers no cost, one-on-one telephone or zoom tutoring in how to utilize your smart phones, computer devices, and other applications required for virtual services.  The Zoom Room Program offers a confidential computer room at the Camarillo Health Care District for you to utilize if you don't have computer devices or wifi connections or smart phones at your home.  Please take the time to click on the links...we're hear to help you!

Serving You During COVID-19

Please review the following programs to see how they have been adapted to better serve you during the health pandemic: