Message From the CEO

No One. Ever.

The topic of this issue of the Healthy Attitudes magazine centers around the very real issue of elder abuse.  In addition to being despicable, heartbreaking, and wholly unacceptable (among many other things), it is also illegal.

Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, psychological, neglect, fraud and scams.  While the most easily visible form of abuse is physical abuse….bruises, black eyes, marks, injuries….other forms of abuse are more difficult to see.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in every 10 adults over the age of 60, who live at home, experience abuse.  And while specific statistics vary, it has become increasingly clear that elder abuse is also an issue for many living in long-term care facilities.

The effort is no only how to decrease the number of cases, but also how to stop the abuse altogether.  It is unacceptable treatment of anyone, especially the frail or otherwise vulnerable, voiceless members of our society.  It is unacceptable behavior on anyone’s part.  There is no justification, and there is zero tolerance for it.

As you read through this issue of the magazine, I encourage you to review any living or caregiving arrangements in your life, or in the life of loved ones, friends and neighbors, for any sign of elder abuse of any kind, or a living arrangement that might benefit from some additional assistance.  The District’s Caregiver Center offers a variety of resources, many at no charge, to assist caregivers, clients and their families during life’s transitions…we are happy to help!

Please share the information in this magazine to empower friends, loved ones and the community in recognizing elder abuse and taking action against it.  We’ll stand with you.