Our District

Camarillo Health Care District is a public agency formed in 1969 by the voters of the Pleasant Valley and surrounding areas to provide community health, wellness and safety services.


Vision.  Ventura County is a model healthy community with seamless access to high quality health and community-based services that optimize well-being, empower healthy lifestyles, and build strong communities.

The Mission. The mission of the Camarillo Health Care District is to be a highly respected, preferred partner in Ventura County’s continuum of health care by providing valuable, effective, measurable, and integrated community-based health services that optimize health and wellness.

The History. The Camarillo Health Care District is an independent special district and public agency formed in 1969 to provide community-based healthcare services, under the statutes of the State of California Health and Safety Code. Over the decades, California State Legislators and visionary Board Members, have responded to the needs of the community and kept the District on the leading-edge of community health and wellness, by offering innovative programs and services. The District is recognized as an award-winning District, and a model throughout the State and the nation.