Evidenced Based Health Programs

Arthritis Foundation: Walk with Ease – Walking Group (800) 900-8582
Learn to customize a walking plan to boost energy,  keep muscles strong and joints stable, while controlling weight. Go at your own pace.  Held at Arneill Ranch Park (Sweetwater Ave.)                    June 5-July 14 (M-W-F) 9:30-10:30 am  Please Register.  No Charge.

Chronic Pain Self-management Program (CPSMP)  (805) 388-1952 ext. 100
CPSMP is a 6-week series designed to teach practical skills for managing chronic pain in order to moderate symptoms and stay motivated to overcome the challenges of daily living.  This program is for adults living with any ongoing pain due to illness or accident.  Please call for the date of the next session.

Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)    (805) 388-1952 ext. 100
This award-winning diabetes series, based on research conducted at Stanford University, is designed for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes.  Methods taught will reduce fatigue, pain, stress, and fear by providing suggestions for exercise and healthy eating to effectively manage your disease and lead a happier, healthier life.  Please call for the date of the next session.

Stepping On    (805) 388-1952 ext. 100
At each session an expert will address ways to prevent falls.  A physical therapist will provide suggestions to improve your balance and leg strength.  A vision expert will address vision issues and offer tips on fall prevention.  A public safety professional will speak about falls in public surroundings and a pharmacist will discuss medications that affect your risk for falls.  This series is designed for those that have suffered a fall and are not reliant on a walker.  Please call for the date of the next session.