Evidence Based Programs

Arthritis Foundation’s Walk with Ease-Walking Group       (800) 900-8582

Learn to customize a walking plan to boost energy, keep muscles strong and joints stable while controlling weight. Go at your own pace. Held at

Arneill Ranch Park (Sweetwater Ave) in Camarillo. Please call for date of next session.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP)         (805) 388-1952 x100

CPSMP is a six-week series designed to teach practical skills for managing chronic pain to moderate symptoms and stay motivated to overcome the challenges of daily living.

This program is for adults living with any ongoing pain due to illness or accident. Please call for date of next session.

Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP)          (805) 388-1952 x100

DEEP is an evidence-based series developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago. The program includes discussion on diabetes basics: self-blood

sugar testing, meal planning, managing stress, and preventing complication. Participants learn exercises specifically designed to help effectively manage

the disease. Space is limited. Please call for date of next session.

Matter of Balance                                                                   (800) 900-8582

Have you fallen? Are you worried about falling? Join us to learn how to prevent falls, discuss safety techniques to reduce concerns, and set goals

for increasing activity. Please call for dates of next session.