Election Information

The Board shall consist of five (5) Directors, each of whom shall be a registered voter residing in the District, and who shall comply with Section 32110 of the Health and Safety Code.  Each Director shall serve a tern of four (4) years pursuant to the appropriate section of the Local Health Care District Law and the Elections Code of the State of California and otherwise comply with all requirements set forth by the Local Health Care District Law.


The Board of Directors shall have and exercise all the powers of the District, as set forth in Chapter 2, Article 2, of the Local Health Care District Law, and other provisions of State law, including, but not limited to the following:

            (a)       To attend all regular Board meetings, as well as special meetings as required.

            (b)       To participate on committee(s), as assigned.

            (c)       To employ a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and to define the powers and duties of said CEO.

           (d)       To adopt resolutions establishing policies or rules for the operation of the District and any of its facilities.  Such resolutions shall be kept in a separate book or file and shall be

                       available for  inspection at all times.

            (e)       Ensure that Board policy is carried out by the CEO.

            (f)        To carry out the provisions of the District By-laws and the Local Health Care District Law.



The members of the Board of Directors may receive one hundred dollars ($100) per District meeting attended, not to exceed five (5) meetings per month, defined as regular Board meetings, special Board meetings, and Board standing committee meetings.  Each member of the Board of Directors shall be allowed his or her travel and incidental expenses incurred in the performance of official business of the District, as approved by the Board.


Members of the Board of Directors shall be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses incurred in attending any meetings, or in making any trips on official business of the Board, when so authorized.  This shall include, but not be limited to, seminars, meetings, meals and traveling expenses associated with official District business.  Reimbursement for the cost of the use of a Director’s vehicle shall be on the basis of total miles driven and at the rate specified in the Internal Revenue Service Guidelines in effect at the time of the vehicle usage.


Members of the Board of Directors shall receive the current meeting stipend for attendance/representation at the regular meetings of the Ventura County Special District Association and the Dos Caminos Plaza Association, in keeping with the District’s fiduciary responsibility regarding legislative advocacy and plant/facilities management.  This meeting stipend counts toward the maximum of five meetings per month.